Fire, Emergency Management, EMS, & Occupational Safety


When the fire alarm goes off, firefighters have to be ready to answer the call to save lives and protect property within their community. Halifax Community College takes great pride in training area men and women to perform these heroic tasks. HCC works diligently to offer the necessary training to these professionals both on and off campus at local fire departments. HCC has been offering innovative new courses such as PADI certified underwater rescue as well as core classes for new members and refreshers for the veteran firefighters.
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Emergency Management

When a community faces disasters, natural or man-made, responders have to be able to react quickly and efficiently. HCC offers credentialed and customized training for organizations and individuals, helping them to become better prepared to respond to their community in need. HCC offers traditional seated classes as well as partnering with other agencies to provide students realistic, functional exercises to train public and private responders how to respond to community disasters safely and competently.
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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

There are many rewards experienced throughout a lifetime, but few measure up to the sense of accomplishment when saving a life. Halifax Community College’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program teaches students both beginning and advanced classes on how to do just that. Working in partnership with certifying organizations such as the N.C. Office of EMS, American Heart Association, American Safety and Health Institute, National Association of EMS and many others, HCC offers a wide variety of emergency life-saving classes that give students the certifications to have a rewarding career in the emergency medical service field.
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Occupational Safety

Halifax Community College has a long history of offering specialized safety training to area businesses, industries and individuals. HCC’s Safety Program has helped area business to not only become safer and more productive but has also led to some becoming OSHA STAR certified, ISO compliant and even winning safety awards. We have multiple safety instructors that have impressive education backgrounds in the field and more than 60 years of combined safety experience.
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