Remote Access

Remote access to NC LIVE, the state-wide library project, and SIRS, Literature Resources Center and Health Reference Center-Academic, electronic databases subscribed by the LRC, are available to registered students, staff, and faculty. Students who are eligible for home access must apply in person at the circulation desk.

Distance learning students are asked to complete the Halifax Community College Learning Resource Center Remote Access User Agreement (must be logged in with HCC gmail address to complete form). Passwords and user identification numbers will be mailed to them. Remote access cannot be issued to students by telephone. Faculty and staff (including part-time) are asked to print and sign the Remote Access User Agreement (Adobe Acrobat required) and return it to the LRC. User identification numbers and passwords will be e-mailed to staff and faculty.

The same agreement form used for faculty will be used for distance learning students. The form states that the user agrees to keep identification numbers and passwords confidential. Use is intended for registered HCC students, faculty, and staff only, passwords cannot be shared. On-campus students are asked to sign a Remote Access User Agreement Log. The vendors providing the electronic information have been adamant in their requests that libraries and LRC's authenticate users and that eligible users honor the need for confidentiality by not sharing identification numbers and passwords with an ineligible party.

Passwords may change every year. It will be the responsibility of the patron to personally contact the LRC each semester to receive new user identification numbers and passwords by bringing appropriate documentation to the circulation desk. Faculty and staff will need to follow the same procedure.

Once students have graduated or terminated their studies at HCC, they will no longer be eligible for remote access. Once faculty and staff are no longer employed at the College, they will no longer be eligible for remote access.