Internet Acceptable Use Policy

The mission of the Halifax Community College Learning Resources Center in making Internet access available is to provide technologically-advanced learning resources needed to support the educational and research needs of its patrons. Use of the Learning Resources Center Internet must be in support of research consistent with the educational objectives of the College. Faculty, students, staff, and other authorized users will be expected to exercise responsible, ethical behavior when using the Internet. Inappropriate or illegal use of the Internet will result in the loss of Internet privileges.

Use of the Internet is a privilege and not a right; consequently, patrons are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Transmission of any material in violation of any laws, regulation, or board policy is prohibited.
  2. Users will not create, access, display, download, or transmit any text, file picture, graphic, or sound clip or engage in any conference that includes material which is obscene, libelous, indecent, vulgar, profane, lewd or which advertises any product or service not permitted to minors by law.
  3. Users will not create, access, display, download, or transmit threatening, racist, sexist, obscene, offensive, annoying or harassing language, and/or materials such as broadcasting unsolicited messages or sending unwanted mail.
  4. Use of the computers for commercial use is prohibited.
  5. Users will not engage in activities to damage hardware or software, disrupt communications, waste system resources, or overload networks with excessive data.
  6. Users should adhere to all copyright, trademark, and licensing agreements and laws including seeking permission when required.
  7. Users will not download or install any files; i.e. software, images, music, etc. to the computer hard drives.
  8. Users will not modify or reconfigure any software or hardware (i.e. desktip background, screensaver, mouse settings, etc.)

Learning Resources Center Internet Use Regulations

  • Academic research is the primary purpose of the Learning Resources Center electronic resource center.
  • Patron usage will be prioritized in the following manner: students and faculty, staff, and other authorized users.
  • Internet sessions will be limited to 30 minutes if others are waiting. (Demand may limit patron to 1 hour of usage per day.)
  • LRC staff has the authority to terminate any Internet session.

Patron Internet Use Responsibilities

  • Patrons are expected to adhere to the above guidelines.
  • Users must sign in and present valid identification at the circulation desk, if identification is requested.
  • Privileges may be revoked for failure to sign in.
  • Patrons are expected to have basic computer skills and general knowledge of how to access the Internet.


Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. Users need to be good information consumers, questioning the validity of the information.

The microcomputer user should be aware of computer viruses and other destructive computer programs and take steps to avoid being a victim or unwitting distributor of these processes.

Ultimate responsibility for resolution of problems related to the invasion of the user's privacy or loss of data rests with the user. The Learning Resources Center assumes no liability for loss or damage to the user's data or for any damage or injury arising from invasion of the user's privacy. HCC System Administrators may deem it necessary to search the file system for alleged violations to the policy.

I understand that in cases of Internet misuse, the College may take appropriate disciplinary action against the user. All disciplinary actions instituted for Internet misuse shall be consistent with current policies, procedures, and judicial codes for student, faculty, staff, and authorized users. Irrespective of internal disciplinary proceedings, the College reserves the right to proceed with legal action, both civil and criminal, against the accused user for alleged violations of current applicable state, federal, or local laws.

I hereby state that I have read and will abide by this policy of Halifax Community College:

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The College reserves the right to revise this policy as it deems necessary.

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