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Types of Distance Learning Courses Offered at HCC


An online course is one in which instruction is delivered over the Internet. Students communicate with the instructor and fellow classmates via e-mail and a discussion forum. Assignments are created in a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, and sent electronically to the instructor using the Assignment feature in Blackboard, a software program used to deliver distance learning classes. The instructor will specify how assignments should be submitted. There is no on-campus attendance requirement for online classes.


A hybrid course has an online component and a scheduled, mandatory class that meets at specific times. Course content is delivered using Blackboard. However, the instructor will identify specific days and times that on-campus attendance is required. Also, the schedule will specify when students are expected to be on campus for class and/or lab..


Information Highway courses are teleconferences, delivered in a special classroom on campus. The classroom, also called the North Carolina Information Highway (NCIH) room, enables an instructor at one location to teach to one or more other locations. It is full two-way, audio/video communication. These courses do meet on the HCC campus on specific days and at specific times..


A Web-assisted course is a seated course that meets on campus; however, the instructor will make certain course content available online. For example, instructors often use Blackboard in a seated class to post a syllabus, to make lecture notes available, to post announcements, to offer students the opportunity to take practice quizzes/tests, or to post grades. Your instructor will give you more details regarding how Blackboard will be used in your class.