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Enrollment Verification Assignment (EVA) for 10% Reporting

NOTE: This procedure applies only to courses in which 100% of the instruction is delivered online.

Recording Attendance for Online (IN) Courses

To be in compliance with a U. S. Department of Education mandate, Halifax Community College requires students enrolled in online classes to complete a course-specific, graded assignment by or on the census date. Completing this assignment is mandatory in order to be officially counted in an online course.

This should be the first assignment students are required to complete. Instructors may want to include "EVA" in the assignment title. For example, if you elect to have a syllabus quiz, the title could be similar to this: EVA Syllabus Quiz. If you elect to include a discussion forum, the title could be similar to this: EVA Discussion Forum.

Any student who does not complete the EVA by or on the census date must be withdrawn from your course(s) using NA for "never attended."

When creating your EVA, be sure to...

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