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Personal Counseling

The counselors provide a confidential, caring atmosphere in which you may discuss concerns that are interfering with your academic success. However, students in need of in-depth, long-term counseling should be advised to contact a local mental health provider. However, there are certain circumstances (see Confidentiality section) that may warrant the counselor making an immediate referral for psychiatric services. For students desiring/requiring psychiatric services, please advise them to call Five County Mental Health Authority for services (877-619-3761). For a student requiring immediate attention (suicidal) call Five County Mental Health Authority at 877-619-3761. Also, students can seek services through outpatient psychiatric services at Halifax Regional Medical Center (252-535-1501).

If a student is in need of immediate assistance, they are advised to call 877-619-3761 (Five County Mental Health Authority); 252-535-1501 (Halifax Regional Medical Center); or 911.