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Disability Services Counseling

Any student wishing to be considered for classroom accommodations must contact and self-disclose to a counselor from the Counseling Center in Room 323. Through the Counseling Center, Disability Services serves and supports students with documented disabilities. Our mission is to:

  • Follow Section 504of the Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act: No otherwise qualified person with a disability shall solely by reasons of such disability, be excluded from participation in, or benefits of, or be subjected to, discrimination by any public or private entity.
  • Provide equal access and comprehensive, quality services to all students with disabilities who experience barriers to academic, personal and social success.
  • Coordinate accommodations and support services to all qualified students with disabilities, so they can be self-sufficient and develop their maximum academic potential.
  • HCC Disability Services observes all the regulations contained in the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Refer persons desiring to learn more about the above stated laws to find more information at the links below:

In order to receive Disability Services, the student must:

  • Self-identify as having a disability to a counselor with the HCC Counseling Center—preferably three weeks before classes begin each semester so that Disability Services counselors and instructors have time to plan for your needs. Accommodations cannot be guaranteed for those who notify Disability Services after classes begin. (Self-Identification form)
  • Provide Disability Services with a copy of current documentation on your disability from a qualified professional such as your medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or counselor. HCC is not financially responsible for any costs incurred gathering this information. Once this information is received, a three-week window is required for the counselor to do paperwork and make arrangements for the accommodation.
  • Request accommodations at the beginning of each semester in a timely manner so instructors and Disability Services counselors have time to plan for your needs. Schedule regular follow-up visits with Disability Services, to keep them informed of problems, progress, and concerns.

Auxiliary Aids and Services for Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities

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For more information, contact

Barbara Williams Plum
Director of Counseling and Career Services
Building 300 Room 325