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Employee Contact Information (area code: 252)
Name Title Phone Room Email Type
Alfonso, Tia Nursing Instructor 536-7292 B209 talfonso@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, Nursing
Archer, Timothy Systems Administratortechnology Information systems it department 536-7265 344E tarcher@halifaxcc.edu staff, IT, technology
Aycock, Sheila CNA Coordinator/Instructor 536-7291 B214 saycock@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, cna, nursing
Barber, Kelly Small Business Center Director 536-7274 408 kbarber@halifaxcc.edu Staff, wwed, sbc
Barker, Lonnie Medical Lab. Tech. Instructor/Dept. Head 536-7284 520 lbarker@halifaxcc.edu Faculty,medical lab, science
Barley, Wendy Medical Lab. Tech./Phlebotomy Instructor 536-6379 519 wbarley@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, phlebotomy, science
Bone, Jason Industrial Systems Tech. Instructor/Dept. Head 536-7276 847 jbone@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, industrial systems
Boone, Jacqueline Accounts Payable Tech 536-6394 101B jboone@halifaxcc.edu Staff, business office, finance
Boone, Nicole Director of Human Resources 536-7242 101A nboone@halifaxcc.edu Staff, business office, finance
Braxton, Alfred Law Enforcement Training Instructor/Director 536-7279 403 abraxton@halifaxcc.edu staff, wed, law, blet
Britt, Sharda Executive Assistant to President And Board of Trustees 536-6399 101 sbritt@halifaxcc.edu Staff, administrative assistant
Brown, Latasha CADA Head Start Center Director 536-5468 617 cADA
Buffaloe, Tracie Literacy Skills/Data Manager 538-4313 107 tbuffaloe@halifaxcc.edu Staff, wed, ged
Byrd, Reginald Custodian 536-6365 SHOP rbyrd@halifaxcc.edu staff, facilities, maintenance
Collier, Ricky Network Server Techniciantechnology, Information systems, it department 536-7265 344D rcollier@halifaxcc.edu Staff, IT, technology
Cooper, Donna SSS Data Retention Specialist 536-7208 318 dcooper@halifaxcc.edu staff, sss
Chavis, Phyllis Director of College and Career Readiness Program; HRD 536-7235 112B pchavis@halifaxcc.edu staff, ged, wed
Clary, Kara Nursing Instructor 536-6361 B216 kclary@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, nursing
Copeland, Amy Dental Hygiene Instructor 536-6350 B114 acopeland@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, dental
Council, Vanessa Director of Public Relations and Design 536-7214 111 vcouncil@halifaxcc.edu Staff
Crickmore, William PT Fire Coordinator wcrickmore@halifaxcc.edu faculty, fire, ems, wed
Curley, Joseph Plumbing Instructor     jcurley@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, plumbing
Dameron,Scott PE & Health Instructor/Dept. Head & Wellness Center Manager 538-4324 WC bdameron@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, health
Davis, Andrew Facilities Director 536-7250 SHOP adavis@halifaxcc.edu staff, facilities, maintenance
Davis, Brandon Security Officer 536-7286 302B bdavis@halifaxcc.edu Staff, security
Divens, Ellen Communications Instructor & PTK Co-Advisor 538-4330 202 edivens@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, communications
Elliott, Dr. Patrena President / CEO 536-7217 101 pelliott@halifaxcc.edu Staff, president
Ellis, Andreka Learning Resource Center Technical Assistantlibrary 536-7236 150 aellis@halifaxcc.edu Staff, library
Eze, Dr. John Economics & Business Instructor/Dept. Head 536-6371 103C jeze@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, business
Faulcon, Diamond Roanoke Rapids Early College (RREC) Liaison 538-4301 314 dfaulcon@halifaxcc.edu
Flood, Derrick Director of Learning Resourceslibrary 536-7237 150 dflood@halifaxcc.edu
Ford, Helen Nursing Instructor 536-7268 B212 hford@halifaxcc.edu faculty, nursing
Freeman, Sabrina Grant Coordinator 536-5464 303 sfreeman@halifaxcc.edu Staff, pride
Galvin, Dr. Julie Dean of Academic Affairs 536-6344 522 jgalvin@halifaxcc.edu faculty, science
Godsey, Samantha Math Instructor/Dept. Head 538-4333 521 sgodsey@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, Math
Gordon, Sharonda Assistant Registrar 536-7221 326 sgordon@halifaxcc.edu Staff, registrar, student services
Hale,Tiffany Customized Training 536-6342 838 thale@halifaxcc.edu Staff, wed, ged
Hardy, Willie Director of Student Support Services 536-7290 320 whardy@halifaxcc.edu Staff, sss, student support services, student services
Harris, Caroline Information Systems Director/ Webmaster technology Information systems it department 536-7265 344F charris@halifaxcc.edu Staff, IT, technology
Harris, Sarah Program Director of Nursing 536-7230 B210 sharris@halifaxcc.edu faculty, nursing
Hasty, Dr. Barbara VP of Academics and Student Affairs 536-6386 309 bhasty@halifaxcc.edu Staff, student services,vp, vice president
High, Patricia Part-time Student Success Coach 536-6347 147 phigh@halifaxcc.edu
Hux, Pat Director of Financial Aid 536-7244 337 phux@halifaxcc.edu Staff, student services, financial aid
Jacobs, Barbara Accountant, Special Projects 536-7263 101 bbrown@halifaxcc.edu staff, finance, business office
Kennedy, Rhonda Nursing Instructor 536-6340 B215 rkennedy@halifaxcc.edu Faculty, nursing
Lashley, Tonia Test Coordinator 536-6389 338 tlashley@halifaxcc.edu Staff, student services
Lewis, Larrell Financial Aid Specialist 536-7223 337 llewis@halifaxcc.edu Staff, financial aid
McCachren, James English Instructor 538-4308 204 jmccachren@halifaxcc.edu faculty, english
Mercer, Abigail Mathematics Instructor 536-7296 518 amercer@halifaxcc.edu Staff, math
Mims, Thomas Workforce Development Coordinator 536-6373 301 tmims@halifaxcc.edu Staff, pride
Mumford, Keith Automotive Systems Instructor/Dept. Head 536-7228 807 kmumford@halifaxcc.edu faculty, automotive
Navarro, Maria Nursing Instructor 538-4314 B209 mnavarro@halifaxcc.edu faculty, nursing
Nicholson, Sinclair VP of Workforce Development & Operations 536-7281 303 snicholson@halifaxcc.edu Staff, pride
Obi, Emmanuel School of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Chair/Dept. Head, Information Systems 536-7258 210 eobi@halifaxcc.edu faculty
O'Neal, Brianna Student Admissions Advisor 536-7225   boneal911@halifaxcc.edu staff, admissions
Parker, Tyrone Custodian Supervisor 536-6365 SHOP tparker@halifaxcc.edu staff, facilities, maintenance
Pendergrass, Nadia Administrative Assistant to VP of Academics and Student Affairs 536-7232 309 npendergrass@halifaxcc.edu Staff, student services, administrative assitant,
Pincheon, Ashleigh Administrative Assistant to Student and Academic Affairs 536-7201 312 apincheon@halifaxcc.edu Staff, administrative assistant
Pitchford, Nichole Director of Distance Learning 536-7299 158 tpitchford@halifaxcc.edu Staff, distance learning
Powell, Keith SSS Student Development Advisor 536-7210 319 kpowell@halifaxcc.edu staff, student support services
Plonski, David History Instructor & Humanities/Social Sciences Dept. Head 536-6381 217 dplonski@halifaxcc.edu faculty, history
Plum, Barbara Director of Counseling 536-7207 325 bplum@halifaxcc.edu staff, counseling, student services
Redding, Gary English & Criminal Justice Instructor/Dept. Head & PTK Co-Advisor 536-6374 215 gredding@halifaxcc.edu faculty, english, criminal justice, ptk
Richardson, Amber Northampton County Early College (NCEC) Liaisonliaison, early college, ncec, northampton 536-5490 147 arichardson@halifaxcc.edu iaison, early college, ncec, northampton
Richardson, Jordan Computer Technician techonology Information systems it department 536-7265 344A jrichardson@halifaxcc.edu staff, IT, technology
Robinson, Sonya Dean of Student Affairs/SGA Co-Advisor 536-7203 308 srobinson@halifaxcc.edu staff, CCP, SGA, STUDENT SERVICES
Rudd-Knight, Sandra SBC Administrative Assistant 536-7261 402 sruddknight@halifaxcc.edu staff, wed, sbc
Santiago, Lisa Dental Hygiene Program Administrator 538-4338 B129 lsantiago@halifaxcc.edu faculty, dental
Scott, Lashonda BLET QA 536-7212 402 lscott@halifaxcc.edu Staff
Scott, McDonald Special Events Coordinator, The Griffin Centre 538-4320 B156 mscott@halifaxcc.edu Staff, centre
Shotwell, Jason Welding Instructor/Dept. Head 536-7257 812 jshotwell@halifaxcc.edu faculty, welding
Sledge, Laquanna Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness 536-7270 319 lsledge@halifaxcc.edu Staff
Smith, Dr. Alfreda HR Assistant 538-4319 101A asmith@halifaxcc.edu
Smith, Chief Emmett Chief of Campus Security 538-4317 406 esmith@halifaxcc.edu staff, security, police
Smith, Linda NC Works/Workplace Specialist 537-4188 lsmith@halifaxcc.edu staff
Smith, Sanethia Chief Financial Officer 538-4304 101 ssmith@halifaxcc.edu staff, business office, finance
Squire, Antonio Admissions Coordinator 536-7225 112 asquire@halifaxcc.edu staff, admissions, student services
Stephenson, Dr. Mary ECSU Partnership Program (Mon. & Tues.) 536-6378 203 mstephenson@halifaxcc.edu staff, ecsu
Taylor, Angela Dental Hygiene Clinic Manager 536-7219 B139 ataylor@halifaxcc.edu staff, dental
Thompson, Kenyetta Admissions Counselor 536-7220 314 kthompson@halifaxcc.edu staff, admissions
Touré, Kathleen Payroll/Accounting Manager 536-7243 303B ktoure@halifaxcc.edu staff, business office, finance
Vaughan, Brandee Senior Accountant 536-6360 101  bvaughan@halifaxcc.edu staff, business office, finance, grants
Veliky, Dawn Registrar/Director of Veterans Affairs 536-7227 126 rveliky@halifaxcc.edu staff, registrar, veteran
Wade, Steven Accounts Technician 536-7205 303  swade@halifaxcc.edu staff, business office, finance
Welch-Jones, Dr. Jennifer Executive Director Foundation, WIOA and Special Events Coordinator 536-7280 109 jjones@halifaxcc.edu staff, foundation
West, Valerie NFP Administrative Assistant 536-7231 B213 vwest@halifaxcc.edu staff, nfp, nursing
Wilkinson, Charles English Instructor 536-6370 206 cwilkinson@halifaxcc.edu faculty, english
Williams, Angela   Cosmetology Dept.Chair/ Instructor 536-6345 167C awilliams@halifaxcc.edu faculty, cosmetology
Wray, Deborah Electoronic Resource Center/Learning Resource Center Technical Assistant-Cataloger 536-7236 150 dwray@halifaxcc.edu staff, library
Zollicoffer, Laura SSS Student Development Advisor 536-6359 322B lzollicoffer@halifaxcc.edu staff, student support services


Halifax County Early College (HCEC) Williams, Jerome Principal 536-5463 williamsj@ec.halifax.k12.nc.us
Halifax County Early College (HCEC) Harvey, Dr. Janette Administrative Assistant 536-5461 harveyj@ec.halifax.k12.nc.us
Halifax County Early College (HCEC) Whitehead, Donovan Liaison 536-7210 dwhitehead@halifaxcc.edu
Halifax County Early College (HCEC) Stevenson, Mary Counselor 536-5432 stevensonm@ec.halifax.k12.nc.us
Northampton County Early College (NCEC) Lawrence, Marilyn Principal 585-2705 lawrencem@northampton.k12.nc.us
Northampton County Early College (NCEC) High, Donna Administrative Assistant 585-1900 x2700 highd@northampton.k12.nc.us
Northampton County Early College (NCEC) Richardson, Amber Liaison 536-5490 arichardson@halifaxcc.edu
Northampton County Early College (NCEC) Stallings, Jessica Counselor 585-2702 stallingsj@northampton.k12.nc.us
Roanoke Rapids Early College High School Moody, Jance Principal 519-7205 williamst.rrec@rrgsd.org
Roanoke Rapids Early College High School Moseley, Keisha Administrative Assistant 519-7205 moseleyk.rrec@rrgsd.org
Roanoke Rapids Early College High School Faulcon, Diamond Liaison 519-7205 dfaulcon#64;halifaxcc.edu
Roanoke Rapids Early College High School Lassiter, Angie Counselor 519-7205 lassitera.rrec@rrgsd.org
Roanoke Valley Early College (RVEC) Roberson, Dr. Jeannie Principal 536-6364 robersonj@weldonk12.org
Roanoke Valley Early College (RVEC) McGee, Jacqueline Administrative Assistant 536-6382 mcgeej@weldonk12.org
Roanoke Valley Early College (RVEC)
Randolph, Angela Liaison 536-7209 arandolph@halifaxcc.edu
Roanoke Valley Early College (RVEC) Fortier, Melinda Counselor 536-6352 fortierm@weldonk12.org
Department Phone Numbers
Admissions 252-536-7225
Cashier 252-536-7205
Child Care 252-536-5468
College and Career Readiness/HRD 252-536-7235
Counseling 252-536-7207
Cosmetology 252-536-6353
Distance Learning 252-536-7299
Financial Aid 252-536-7244
G.E.D./ Literacy Skills 252-538-4313
Information Systems Department 252-536-7265
Library 252-536-7236
Maintenance 252- 536-7250
NCWorks 252-537-4188
Nurse Family Partnership 252-536-7231
Purchasing/Accts. Pay. 252- 538-4326
Security 252- 538-4317
Student Accounts Receivable 252- 536-7205
Student Support Services 252-536-7208
Small Business Center 252-536-7274
Workforce & Economic Development 252-536-7212