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Articulation Agreements

School of College Transfer, Business, and Education
(formerly School of Arts and Sciences)
     (Chair: Calvin Stansbury)
    (Assistant Chair: Sheril Roberts )
Associates in Arts
     Teacher Preparation Partnership
Associates in Science
Associates in General Education
Business Administration
Computer Information Technology
Criminal Justice Technology
Medical Office Administration
Early Childhood Education
Paralegal Technology
Office Administration

School of Career and Technical Education
(formerly School of Vocational and Industrial Technology & School of Legal and Public Services)
     (Chair: Michael Earl)
Automotive Systems Technology
Advertising and Graphic Design
Advertising and Graphic Design - Computer Graphics
Basic Law Enforcement Training
Electrical/Electronics Technology
Facility Maintenance Worker
Food Service Technology
Industrial Systems Technology
Small Engine and Equipment Repair

The School of Health Sciences and Human Services Technology
(formerly The School of Health Sciences &The School of Legal and Public Services)
     (Chair: Michael Earl)
Associate Degree Nursing
Dental Hygiene
Human Services Technology
Medical Laboratory Technology
Practical Nursing

Workforce & Economic Development
     (Dean: Dr. Warren Haynes)
Business and Industry Services Courses
Compensatory Education
Cultural Activities
Education 2 Go - Online Distance Learning
Emergency Medical Service Courses
Fire/Rescue Training
Focused Industrial Training
Human Resources Development (HRD)
Law Enforcement Training
Literacy Education (ABE and GED)
New and Expanding Industry
Nurse Aide I and II
Occupational Courses
Small Business Center
Special Interest Courses
Teacher Recertification Courses
Workforce Readiness

For program descriptions, see the HCC Catalog.