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The North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) recently announced results of the 2007 Critical Success Factors Report. One part of that report is the student Core Indicators of Success, also known as the Performance Funding Measures and Standards. The system uses these indicators, which focus on student success, to evaluate community colleges across the state.

For 2006-07, HCC was among 38 colleges that achieved a “superior” rating and met 11 of the 12 measures. In order to receive this rating, a college must meet or exceed at least five of six core performance funding measures.

HCC scored highest, 100 percent, in the categories of employer satisfaction with graduates, client satisfaction with customized training, goal completion, and employment status of graduates. All of HCC's 2004-05 graduates were employed within one year of graduating.

Other highlights include:

  • Passing Rates on Licensure & Certification Exams: NCCCS standard requires an 80% pass rate and 70% on any single reported exam; HCC had a 93% pass rate and no exams less than 70%. Only 23 colleges met both standards—HCC being one of them.
  • Progress of Basic Skills Students: NCCCS requires 75%; HCC met at 75%
  • Performance of College Transfer Students: NCCCS requires 86.2% with a 2.0 grade point average; HCC met at 87.5%
  • Passing rates of students in Developmental Courses: NCCCS requires 70%; HCC met at 75%
  • Satisfaction of Program Completers and Non-Completers: NCCCS requires 90%; HCC met at 96%
  • Curriculum Student Retention and Graduation: NCCCS requires 60%; HCC met at 60%
  • Program Unduplicated Headcount: NCCCS requires a three-year average annual enrollment with a minimum of 10 students in each program; HCC had none with fewer than 10 students

The only measure that HCC did not meet was that of the success rate of developmental students in subsequent college-level courses. The state standard requires no significant difference between developmental and non-developmental students as long as the performance of the developmental group exceeds 85%. HCC's developmental student success rate was 80%, only missing the mark by five percent, and the non-developmental success rate was 89%.

The Performance Funding Measures and Standards report came out in 1999 in response to a special provision of the N.C. General Assembly, which the State Board of Community Colleges approved. It set up 12 performance measures and standards to enhance accountability in North Carolina community colleges. Each college is required to publish its performance ratings on these measures. Data represents the 2005-06 academic year.

The five-part Critical Success Factors Report is an annual report of key indicators of success of the community college system. It is used for purposes of accountability and performance funding, and as an evaluation of the system's strategic plan. To view the full report, go to http://www.ncccs.cc.nc.us/Publications/docs/Publications/csf2007.pdf. (adobe Acrobat PDF file)

For more information about HCC, stop by the campus, or call (252) 536-HCC1.