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By Alumna Sandra K. Rose

After working for years in the same position for Home Health & H ospice of Halifax, my self esteem was low, bypassed for promotions, hurt, not understanding why I was in the same position, and also, my evaluations were not great, although they were not bad.

Whey I asked the question "why?" I was told that others were more qualified for the promotions. I kept asking myself "what's wrong with me?" I needed to feel challenged and do a job well done. I decided to go back to school. Years ago, I attended Halifax Community College and was able to plug into the Business Administration Program. It wasn't easy to attend classes at night, online, on lunch break and work a full time job.

Halifax Community College teachers, and my supervisors worked well with me to achieve my goals, one class at a time. It took time and patience, but at last I achieved my goal, graduated and became more knowledgeable. I developed skills that enabled me to become more detail oriented, follow through and do my job well.

I now have been promoted at work, have received great evaluations, and have my own business. Thanks Halifax Community College, teachers, and my supervisors at Home Health & Hospice for making my dream a reality.