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Online Orientation

The distance learning online orientation is online, meaning that you do not have to visit campus to complete it. You do, however, need to complete some steps that will introduce you to Blackboard, HCC Gmail, and WebAdvisor. These steps will also provide you with instructions regarding your username and password and how to login to Blackboard, HCC Gmail, and WebAdvisor.

There are two (2) options for accessing Blackboard: (1) Access via any HCC Computer Lab (or on-campus Faculty/Staff) or (2) Access via any other Computer or Personal Device (or anyone using Campus Wireless). Click the option that applies to you.

To log into the orientation, use the following credentials:
Username: student
Password: student

After you login to Blackboard, look to the right and locate My Courses>Courses in which you are enrolled. Then, click Blackboard Student Orientation.

To begin the online orientation, click here: HCC Online Access-Blackboard, Gmail, and WebAdvisor.

If you are a returning student and need a refresher regarding your login credentials (username and password), here are some helpful links.

To determine your username (also called user ID), click this: What's my User ID? Click here if you need help on this step.

Access your HCC G-mail account. To do this, click here: HCC Gmail.