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Other Library Services

A coin-operated photo-copying machine is located in the library for public use. Copies are .10 per page (one side only) for 8x10 or 11x17 sizes.

A fax machine is located on the circulation desk for sending and receiving copies. The fee for the first page is 2.00. A cover sheet is included. Subsequent pages are 1.00 each. Fax pages received are 1.00 per page.

Black and white (the default setting) print copies from the computer labs are .05 per page. Color copies are available for .50 per page. All print jobs must be paid in full (including ?mistakes?).

A coin-operated microform reader/printer is available in the library. The copy fee is .10 per page.

The library will also laminate materials at the rate of .05 per linear inch. The film is 25 inches wide. Make inquiries at the circulation desk.