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Wynette Richardson

Passionate and Energetic

Wynette Richardson

WELCOME! I am Wynette Richardson, a passionate and energetic educator that demonstrates excellence inside and outside of the classroom. I strongly feel that all students can learn and will learn through different teaching strategies that relates to life. My teaching philosophy is "Whatever it takes to build monuments". I use this philosophy because I see myself as the visionary, the builder and the student as the monument. I see the academic vision of each student and I build him up with empowerment so he too can grasp the vision and bring it to fruition. Once we connect on the academic vision, the building will have a strong foundation. Having a firm foundation enables us to grasp the vision and building upon a firm foundation ensures the solid construction of the monument; the student.

Richardson received her BA degree from Saint Paul's College and her MA degree from Virginia State University

Classes Taught:

  • ENG 085 Reading and Writing Foundation
  • ENG 095 Reading and Comprehension Strategies
  • ENG 111 Expository Writing
  • ENG 233 Major American Writers