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Personal Belongings

Each child will have a small "cubby" to retain personal belongings. Each child should provide two single sheets for his/her cot, a small "baby" pillow, a complete change of clothing appropriate for the season of year (at least two if in the process of toilet training), a comb or a brush, and a toothbrush and toothpaste. Please be sure that all personal items are labeled with the child's name as things occasionally get placed in an incorrect cubby. Parents are also asked to please check their child's cubby daily for art/craft work, etc., that needs to be taken home. Notes from staff are regularly left for parents in a child's cubby or taped to the front. Many of these contain important information. Newsletters are placed inside each child's cubby at the first of each month. Your help in keeping your child's cubby clear of clutter will be appreciated. Due to the small size of cubbies, we ask that you keep articles left in cubbies as small and clutter-free as possible.

Please do not send food, gum, money, or personal items such as toys and games to school with your child. We normally welcome a soft toy or a blanket that the child likes to sleep with during naptime. Please check with your child's teacher regarding bringing special items to tell about or share with the other children. If your child's teacher engages in a Show 'n Tell Day, please be sure that your child brings something in on the designated day only.

Parents are responsible for keeping adequate clothing available for each child and for taking soiled clothing home when necessary. Please check cubbies often to make sure your child has a change of clothes at all times.

Linens should be taken home each Friday to be laundered and returned to school the following Monday. Tuesday/Thursday children may elect to carry linens home for laundering every other Thursday.