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Parent Involvement

Teachers will hold conferences with parents whenever it is deemed necessary by either party. In addition, two weeks are set aside during each school year for the designated purpose of Parent-Teacher conferences. We strongly encourage parents to participate as this allows for an uninterrupted time of teacher-parent communications which often is not possible during the day-to-day routine. Additional conferences with teachers or the Center Director may be arranged at the parent's convenience. Should problems or questions arise, it is requested that contact first be made with the appropriate classroom teacher and then with the Center Director, if necessary. A pre-enrollment visit to the Center is required of parents and child prior to their child's first day of attendance at the Center. During the visit parents will tour the Center and will meet with the Director of the Center and their child's teacher to discuss policies and procedures.

Parents may observe their child through the observation window in the hall outside their child's classroom. Observation windows may be used anytime the windows are not being utilized by a class. The intercom outside each classroom may be used to listen to the room.

We welcome parents to have lunch with their children. We request that you let us know if you would like to have lunch no later than 9:00 a.m. on the morning you plan to eat so that preparations can be made.

Parents are welcome in the Center at all times! Please visit your child's classroom and take note of your child's work, as well as notices and lesson plans which are posted on our Parent Bulletin Boards located in each classroom. You will also see special bulletins and other important information posted on the front door as you exit the Center and placed in your child's cubby.

All files kept on a child enrolled in the Center are available for viewing by his/her parents.

A newsletter compiled by the Child Care Center staff will be distributed to parents on a regular monthly basis. The newsletter will contain administrative information, a description of scheduled monthly activities at the Center and daily menus for the upcoming month. These are normally placed in the children's cubbies at the first of each month.

Several special programs are planned for the children throughout the school year. These include a family picnic and a Christmas Program. We invite all our parents to visit with us and share any special talents you might have with the children whenever possible. These might include professional talents, musical talents, or just reading a story and spending time with the youngsters.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions at all times. We feel strongly that the very best learning environments for young children include those which have close ties between school and home. Continuity between school staff and parents as well as a basic respect of one another will build a sense of trust in each child.