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Operational Policies

The Child Care Center is open Monday - Friday from the beginning of the Halifax Community College school year to the end of the year (12 months, year round).

The Center will be closed on any holiday designated by the school's calendar. The following holidays are normally regularly observed: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day following, Christmas week and

3 - 5 days the following week which includes the New Year's holiday, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, Easter Monday, and July 4th. The Center will also be closed any day that the college chooses to close because of inclement weather or other conditions. If the college is on a delayed schedule due to inclement weather or other conditions, the center will follow the College operating hours.

The Board of Trustees may, should it elect, cease to provide child care services at the end of an academic term and with a minimum of 30 days notice to parents.

The hours of operation at the Center are 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. No child, however, should remain at the Center for longer than 9 hours. We strongly recommend no more than an 8-hour day where this is possible. Children should not arrive at school before 7:30 each morning, nor should they be left after 5:30 p.m. If a parent is late picking up a child, there will be a $10.00 charge for each hour (or part thereof) that the child remains at the Center past 5:30 p.m. After two late pick-ups there will be a $20.00 charge, and $30.00 will be charged for the third late pick-up. The charge will be contained in the monthly day care bill. The Center reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of a child who is picked up late four times and replace that child care spot with another child whose family can comply with the guidelines. This does not include the parent who might have an emergency once or twice and be late, but rather the parent who often leaves their child at the Center later than 5:30 p.m.

The Child Care Center serves children ages 2- 5 years. We do not discriminate because of ability, race, color, or national origin.

According to North Carolina law, any person who has reason to believe a child is being neglected and/or abused must report his suspicions to the local Department of Social Services. The Department of Social Services makes an investigation and must report back to the reporting person within 5 days.

A list of substitute caregivers is kept on file in the event that not enough permanent staff can be present to maintain staff/child ratios. The list is compiled and maintained by the Center Director.

A file will be maintained on each child enrolled in the Center. The file will contain:

  • Child's application forms including permission, discipline, and emergency release forms.
  • Child's medical report (including immunization record).
  • Record of contacts with child's parents.
  • These forms are available for parental inspection upon request.