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Housekeeping Checklist

  1. All floors mopped. This includes classrooms, hallway, and lounge bathroom.
  2. Carpets in the classrooms vacuumed.
  3. Bathroom walls wiped down.
  4. Sinks in the classroom wiped down.
  5. Trash cans in classrooms, kitchen, lounge bathroom, and office emptied.
  6. Trash cans and the tops to them should be wiped down inside and out.
  7. Sidewalk in front of classrooms swept.
  8. Check on the supply of paper towels, soap and toilet paper in the classrooms as well as the lounge bathroom and kitchen.

Must be done weekly:

  1. Bathroom floors scrubbed. This includes corners.
  2. Office vacuumed.
  3. Storage room swept.
  4. Glass doors cleaned.

Must be done monthly:

  1. All carpets shampooed.
  2. Blinds are to be cleaned.

Must be done every six months:

  1. Floors stripped and waxed.
  2. Air vents cleaned with a vacuum.

Safety Checklist

  1. Outlet plugs must be covered at ALL times unless you are actually using it.
  2. NEVER leave cleaning solutions out. This includes placing them on top of the cubbies or in the large trashcan while you are doing something else.
  3. NEVER leave the mop or mop bucket out unless you are using it. This includes leaving it in the room while you vacuum even if the children are not in the room at the time.
  4. The janitor's closet must be kept locked at ALL times.
  5. Trash bags are not allowed in the hallways. After emptying the trash can, the bags must be placed out of reach immediately.
  6. If there has been an outbreak of lice in the center, the vacuum cleaner bag must be changed after EACH room.

For Classroom Teachers and Assistant Teachers

  1. Toys are to be cleaned in a Clorox and water solution a minimum of three times a week. Toys that a child has placed in their mouths are to be removed from the play area immediately to be cleaned at an appropriate time.
  2. Floors are to be swept after each meal.
  3. Tables and chairs are to be cleaned after each meal and after each art activity.
  4. Spills are to be cleaned up immediately.
  5. Newspaper is to be used on the easel and tables for painting activities.
  6. Children will wear smocks for painting and water table activities.