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Fees and Billing Procedures

Fees at the Child Care Center are determined by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change as the increased cost of operation warrants. The current monthly rates for children enrolled are as follows:

$567.00 Full Time (Monday-Friday)
$350.00 Part Time (Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays
$215.00Part Time (Tuesday and Thursday)

These tuition rates are determined on the basis of a twelve-month school year. Therefore the fees listed above are fixed for each month throughout the year (i.e., fees remain the same regardless of any days the Center might close during a month for holidays and/or due to inclement weather or other conditions). These rates are also charged whether or not the child is present at the Center any given day. Make-up days are not allowed.

Bills for tuition for the following month are placed in your child's cubby around the first of each month and should be paid by the 1st of that service month. Failure on the part of the appropriate person to pay by the tenth of the month will result in withdrawal of the child from the Center.

If a child enrolls in the Center after the first Monday of a month, a per diem rate of $27.00 will be charged for each school day remaining in that month.

Parents are required to give a two-week notice to the Center Director when they wish to withdraw their child from the Child Care Center. This should also be followed when wishing to move a child from full to -part-time care. If there is failure to give a two-week notice, you will be charged for the notice period, regardless of attendance.