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Enrollment Procedures

Slots are normally not readily available and a waiting list is maintained. Parents should contact the Center Director to inquire as to the availability of slots and be placed on the waiting list. As openings become available within the Center, the Center Director refers to the waiting list to place children as prioritized above.

When space is available, the parent completes the appropriate application forms. Each child must have a completed application including permission, discipline, emergency and health forms. Health forms must be completed by a physician within 30 days prior to the date of enrollment. All other forms should be completed and turned into the Center before enrollment takes place.

Parents needing financial assistance may contact their local county's Department of Social Services or, if you are a student, contact the college's financial aid office. Funds are available for families meeting eligibility requirements. Students of the college may also be eligible for financial assistance and should see the school's Financial Aid Director to inquire as to the availability of funds and guidelines one must meet to be eligible.

Parent and child should visit the Center and have a pre-enrollment conference with the Child Care Center Director. It is usually best for parents to come in alone initially so that policies can be reviewed and questions can be asked. We recommend that parents bring in their child for a tour of the facility and an introduction to the staff. Any concerns or requests the parent may have about the Center should be discussed during the enrollment conference.

During the first week of enrollment, parents may wish to stay with their child for a brief period in the mornings. It is most helpful if parent and child can come for a visit to the Center before actual enrollment to help with the child's transition into school. We recommend doing this at a time when parent and child are able to visit for a longer period of time and can have an opportunity to participate in some of the scheduled school activities. We strongly recommend that parents plan to leave their child for short intervals during their first week of enrollment in order that the child might adjust to his/her environment. Adjustment periods vary with individual children depending on personality and previous child care arrangements.