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Dress Code

Children should wear washable, serviceable clothes to the Center. Dress-up clothes should be saved for Sunday. It is almost impossible to keep children clean during the day. They get dirty by playing in the sand, rolling in the grass, painting, cooking, eating, etc. If a child has an appointment or dancing or other lessons, please plan to pick your child up a few minutes early and at that time change the child's clothes and dress him/her for the appointment or lesson. Tennis shoes or other closed toe shoes should be worn to the Center. Sandals and flip flops prevent a child from fully participating in all activities and sometimes cause tripping. The children go outside to play every day, hot and cold weather. It is usually not possible for a child to remain in the Center while his/her group is outside playing. If a child comes to the Center, he/she must be able to fully participate in all activities.

Birthday Parties

Parents may bring or send a birthday cake or other special treats for your child's class on his/her birthday. Birthday celebrations are normally held at 2:45 p.m. immediately after naptime during the scheduled afternoon snack. Please check with your child's teacher concerning details.